Google Now for Government Contractors

The buzz is growing around Google Now. If you’re not familiar with Google Now…, well um, I guess you are now. It’s hot stuff. Having been at the leading edge, and sometimes the dangerous “bleeding edge”, I see a lot of cool gadgets, apps, software, etc.. come on the scene, and pay little mind to those that fall by the wayside. No time to look back in time. Google Now (coming soon..) will be something we can all use. Far less costly than those secretaries too!

It’s not usable yet by the public, but Google has begun folding its smart notification system into its browser and its Chrome OS. Now is the time to start learning how you and perhaps your business can leverage this outstanding productivity tool to gain a few steps on your competition.

Here’s a short video introduction from the Google Now landing page.

The Boston Herald says: Google Now Hits a Homer

The subtle reminders from Google Now come in the form of “cards” that take on different themes, like the weather and your daily commute to work. Right now there are only a few dozen of these so-called cards. But as Google continues to develop this feature and when it opens up cards to third-party developers, you really will start to see Google Now take off.

Forbes says: Google Now May Shift Walmart Vs Local – Top Ways To Support Independent Shops

Google Now is available in Google’s mobile OS as a way to bring information to people’s attention even if they haven’t specifically set an alert, for example. Google Now can prompt Android users about nearby restaurants, local stores, or events. Google  Now is coming to the Chrome OS and it appears it will work like the mobile operating system. It will most certainly be part of the “Project Glass” phenomenon since that technology is focused on what you see as you move about locally.

CNET announces: Google Now starts arriving in latest Chrome, Chrome OS

Google Now is key to Google’s attempt to transform from a search engine to a purveyor of personalized online services. Google Now raises the profile of those services by weaving them into people’s daily lives and, if Google can match its ambitions, supplying people with the information they want or need before they even have to ask for it.


Would love to know what you think of Google Now after you’ve had a chance to check it out.